20 August 2010

But One Heart

The past few weeks has been crazy for Mr. B. He had loads of work to complete, he had to travel to Canada for an important presentation, he missed the traditional Chinese Lovers Day, he missed D.'s birthday and he missed their 7th anniversary together.

I can't blame him because everything was happening at the same time, and all of these at a time when Mr. B. is about to make some life-changing decision.

Sometimes I am amazed by humans. They have to do many things all at once with only 2 hands, 2 feet and one brain. Perhaps it is also important to mention one heart because one has to put his/her heart into anything one does. Mr. B. once said that I am lucky because I only have to worry about updating my blog (well, like it's an easy task!) and nothing else. But I think he is right. I don't have to worry about clean shirts to go to work everyday, I don't have to worry about paying bills, running errands and all those things that make human lives so unnecessarily complicated.

Mr. B. has but one heart. But he has many things to take care of and worry about. He promised to cook dinner tomorrow to make up for what he missed. He needs to shop for food. He might also have to shop for a present. He needs to cook. He thinks that would solve the Lovers Day, birthday and anniversary issues all at once. Then he will have the time to focus and think about the decision he needs to make about his life.

I wish life is a bit more simple for him and for all other humans as well. Tired hands and feet can rest. Tired minds can be entertained. But a tired heart would be incurable, I think.

PS: Happy Birthday to D.! I already gave my present, which is a colorful Eastpak backpack!


Anonymous said...

We shall think how to live our life and be happy. Thinking too much is not good sometimes.

by princess

Becker said...

thank you for your advice, princess. mr. b. had no time to think today because he was cooking all day! so his mind was blank when he was chopping the carrots.

Anonymous said...

we don't like the carrots!!!
by panda

Becker said...

dear panda, the food is NOT for you. now go eat your bamboo!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your gift, Becker, I really love it!
And tell Mr.B that he doesn't have to take such unnecessary burden on his shoulder, just let them go, I'll be on his side always. BTW, go to hell, J !!

Love Mr.B forever, from D.

Becker said...

i am glad u like my gift!!!! what will you give me on my birthday????

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