03 September 2010

Temple's Hug Machine

I never knew who Dr. Temple Grandin was until recently. She is a 63-year-old professor in Colorado State University, a bestselling author, a consultant in animal behavior to the livestock industry. She has been featured in many television programs, written up in major publications and featured in a BBC documentary called "The Woman Who Thinks Like A Cow". HBO recently made a semi-biographical film about her, simply called Temple Grandin, starring Claire Danes. She is also autistic.

What really interests me about this person aside from her great works and contribution especially in autism advocacy is her famous invention - the hug machine.

A hug machine is simply two heavily padded boards hinged together on one side. The user simply lies between the two boards and get squeezed. Imagine yourself being squeeze in the middle of a giant book. This squeezing process is supposed to be very therapeutic and stress-relieving to hypersensitive people especially autistic persons. I guess this device is especially applicable to autistic people because from my very limited knowledge of this disorder, some autistic persons do not like physical contacts.

I believe that for the rest of the humans, it is also therapeutic to be squeezed and hugged. I also read somewhere that there is indeed medical evidence that shows hugs can reduce blood pressure.

I know what to do next time I see Mr. B. I am going to give him a huge bear hug!!

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Anonymous said...

I agree, Becker. Hug makes people.... and bears feel good! Bearhugs! <3

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