11 October 2010

Bite Into It!

There was a time when humans need coins to make a phone call in public. When they need information, they go to the library to do some researches. When they need to buy anything, they go to the shop. That "time" was only about 10 humans years or so ago.

Now, it is difficult to imagine surviving without a computer. One can practically do anything with a simple machine and a connection - read, shop, connect with family and friends, research, make reservations, anything at all!

Mr. B. has been contemplating on getting a small notebook to bring with us in the upcoming holiday trip. When I questioned him the need to take that additional 2 kilogram baggage, he said he needed a place to put all the photos and videos we shall be taking; he also wanted to bring his entire catalogue of music (about 9000 songs) with him in case he gets lonely; and what if people email him?; he also needed to keep in touch with his friends in Facebook; or talk to his family with Skype; and what if we suddenly get lost in the big city?

"Mr. B., if we get lost, we ask other people in the street!!!" I said, quite annoyed.

"Oh... okay, you're correct with the last one. But think how much more convenient if we bring a tiny but powerful computer with us." he explained.

More than 10 years ago, when Mr. B. took a very long holiday trip, he took photos with a regular camera. He had the photos developed and lovingly pasted them in 3 different albums. No one ever seen those photos, not even himself because he had since misplaced them during house moving.

I guess it is the sign of times. There are no more excuses not to make reservations ahead of time, or not know about something or anything, or to be lose in a big city.

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