01 October 2010

Good For The Soul

Today, Mr. B. made me a promise - that he would take me along with him on a really grand vacation to somewhere far and beautiful. He decided that we should "see the world" and not just stay home and sulk. If time allows, Mr. B. said we might even spend the New Year where they have light show and fireworks on a giant ferris wheel! To say that I was excited by the idea would be an understatement. You see, Mr. B. seldom took me along with him in his trips because I "occupy a lot of space", whatever that means.

"I wish we can bring everyone with us. Mr. B.," I told him.

"I know. It would be really great, wouldn't it?" he answered. "We can take photos and still share our trip with them."

"Or we can make video blogs!!" I said excitedly. "We can make show them all the places we go to and post them so they can watch!"

"That's a good idea," Mr. B. replied. " We should start learning how to use the camera then."

As Mr. B. started checking the net for information, I thought about how good a vacation would be for him. He has been through a lot and definitely deserves to go somewhere to clear up his head, make new discoveries and see the world in a broader perspective. I know it will be good for his soul.

"Mr. B.?"


"Should I pack winter clothes?"

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