10 October 2010

Too Fat To Fit

"You need to buy some new winter clothes to wear for our upcoming holidays." I told Mr. B. today.

"I know that but nothing in the stores fits me!" he replied. "I tried looking but they are either too tight, too long or too loose!"

Despite having lost a total of 4 kilograms in the last 3 weeks due his new brisk walking regimen, Mr. B. still has a long way to go before he can fit into any of those nice outfits being advertise in store billboards.

"Everything in the rack has a tag that says 'slim fit'," Mr. B. said with indignation. "Don't they make anything for people who are not slim anymore?"

Indeed, humans are strange. They are obsessed with being thin that even the most indifferent among them like Mr. B. is affected by it.

"In case you can't find anything to wear, we'll just hug each other to keep us warm," I said.

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