29 October 2010

Two For The Road

The past few days have been quite busy in our household. That was part of the reason why I wasn't able to update my blog as often (another part of the reason is that I am on "hibernation" mode). The point of all the busyness is that next week, Mr. B. and I shall be embarking in a long vacation trip and we are busy making all the bookings, contacting, arrangements, buying, packing and all the things humans do in preparation for a long trip. As excited as I am to be able to see part of the world I haven't seen before, I am also a little bit sad that D. is not coming with us. But D. said we should make the most out of this very rare opportunity.

Mr. B. decided many months ago to take a sabbatical from his career. He needed to "get away and recharge his batteries", as he put it. So we are some of his dear friends living in different parts of Europe, watch some shows, eat strange food, visit museums and take long walks in the parks.

I told Mr. B. that we should do this project and document interesting bits and pieces of our travel in my blog with journals, photos and videos. He said it is a good idea and I should be in charge of the project.

More importantly, I am hoping in my heart that through our travels, Mr. B. and I can discover more of ourselves; that beyond the photos and videos we will be taking, we will learn precious life lessons from different people in different places. It reminds me of a beautiful song written by Henry Mancini and Leslie Bricusse called Two For The Road.

If you're feeling fancy free,
come wonder through the world with me.
And any place we chance to be will be a rendezvous.

Two for the road,
we'll travel through the years.
Collecting precious memories, selecting souvenirs,
and living life the way we please.

In the summertime the sun will shine.
In winter we will drink summer wine.
And any day that you are mine
will be a lovely day.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your trip in Europe. Remember to share the photos with us.

Becker said...

dear panda, yes, we will do that!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr.B & Becker:

Just grasp this precious opportunity to have fun and go back with full of exotic and unforgettable memories, do not worry about me, most important is taking care of yourselves!

Loving u all and waiting for you to come back.

D. ^^

Becker said...

we love you too D.!!!

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