16 November 2010

Two For The Road : A Day At The Museums

Mr. B. said I have to go to the museum to learn more about humans because that is where they keep all the different items from the past that tell us the history. Today, we visited two museums: the Natural History Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum which are right next to each other.

The Natural History Museum has a huge collection of dinosaur bones, fossils from strange animals, birds, creepy insects, rocks and other items. There are indeed many strange creatures that lived in this world before became extinct or which evolved into other types of creatures. The museum also devoted large sections on its exhibit on the evolution as well as the future of planet Earth: how the planet's resources are slowly being used up and more importantly, how to conserve these resources and make the Earth a little better.

At the Victoria and Albert Museum, which is supposed to be the world's largest museum of design and decorative arts, I saw a huge collection of sculptures, paintings, furnitures, ceramic works, iron works and others from various parts of the world from different times of history. I particularly like the sculpture of Bernini and paintings of Raphael Santi.

Mr. B. and I spent a lot of time in both museums. And I did learn a lot about the Earth and about humans. I understood that the Earth is indeed a great place to be so every human has the responsibility to take good care of it. And perhaps a million years from now, I, myself, may also become a part of a museum somewhere, as the first bear to own a blog about strange humans. hat would be so cool.


Anonymous said...

seems you had great time there, enjoy your trip and remember to share the photos and articles with us.
by panda

Zookeeper said...

I am not really a person that likes to visit museums, but seeing your pictures, imagining those grand museums in a bustling, monumental city, I am almost tempted. I really must visit there some time (I mean London).

Becker said...

dear panda, i am having a great time here. you should come because i am sure you will like the cold weather. but they dont have bamboo for you to eat.

Becker said...

dear zookeeper: i am not a museum bear too but i did enjoy our time at the museum.

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