07 November 2010

Two For The Road : Food, Glorious Food

Our hosts treated us to a wonderful French dinner tonight. The place is called L'art du Fromage which with my very limited French should mean - The Art of Cheese. Indeed their speciality is cheese fondue which is totally different from any cheese fondue I have seen. Instead of a bowl, it uses a contraption that works like a toaster and actually heat and melt the cheese onto the plate - just pure cheese, no white wine, no other herbs.

But we did not have that. Mr. B. had Escargot which was quite good (but a bit too salty for his taste, he said) and the most wonderful Beef Bourguignon he ever had in his life - so far. He said the beef was so tender and the sauce was so thick and flavorful. He said he will definitely try to learn this dish and cook for D. when we go back home.

I told him not to think about going back just yet because I think I'm going to like it here.

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