17 November 2010

Two For The Road : Queen Of The Night

What makes an entertaining musical?

Perhaps one that features all hit songs that you can hum along with, big production numbers, outrageous costumes and make up, then end it with the audience standing up singing "I Will Survive". Well, Priscilla, Queen of the Desert The Musical is all that.

The storyline is similar with the 1994 film from which the jukebox musical was adapted from - 3 drag queens on a road trip from Sydney to Alice Springs in a bus they christened Priscilla. Of the actors who played the 3 main characters Tick, Bernadette and Adam, only Oliver Thorton who played the irritating and flamboyant Adam (or Felicia Jollygoodfellow) succeeded in making an impression for his effective acting although his voice can be quite shaky at times.

Another star of the show is Priscilla itself, the 6-tonne bus covered with LED lights and stood on a revolving stage. It rolled, rotated, opened up and was used as a significant part of the story's development.

On the whole, Priscilla, Queen of the Desert The Musical is feet-tapping good fun. Watch it with an open heart and mind. Enjoy the musical numbers, marvel at the outrageous costumes. I would actually recommend it if there is absolutely nothing else better to do.

Mr. B.

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