07 November 2010

Two For The Road : A Room With A View

After 18 hours on the plane watching movies, eating and trying to get some sleep, Mr. B. and I finally arrived London in a chilly evening. Even feeling a bit dizzy as if a bout is cold is coming, the clean air was a welcome treat.

Our host gave us a room with a window looking over others houses and flats. Of course we didn't see the view until the following morning after a good night's rest.

"Good Morning, London!" I said looking out the window the next morning. "We should go out, Mr. B.!"

"Actually you should stay home today since it is raining today," Mr. B. answered.

It was indeed drizzling which was kind of disappointing because I really wanted to see the city.

"We have plenty of time," Mr. B. consoled me. "Don't you worry!"

I look out the window with great anticipation. Beyond the cloudy sky and the century-old brick houses, I know these is something exciting in-store for Mr. B. and Me in this city. I can wait.

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