22 November 2010

Two For The Road : Toys Were Us

Yesterday, we went to the largest toy shop in the world! Hamleys was established in 1760 so I suppose it should be the world's oldest as well. Just the display window alone was fantastic featuring various holiday scenes of carol singing, family dining, pudding baking and others.

The 5 levels of the store were filled with every imaginable toys - stuffed animals, dolls, board games, remote-controlled vehicles, construction toys and even a sweet shop. Understandably, the store is filled with children from age 1 to about 60. We enjoyed watching store staff performing some magic tricks, puppet shows and other demonstrations. In fact, we enjoyed the store so much we forgot to buy anything.

I think life can be like a big toy shop. There is so many things to discover. You don't have to buy anything because the best things in life can indeed be free. It was a great day.

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Anonymous said...

Ooooh.... bear carolers! So cute! =)

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