11 December 2010

Two For The Road : Fast Food in Paris

Because Mr. B. was really and he needs to sleep early, we decided to buy dinner from the supermarket to take back to the hotel. We ended up in Monoprix which is just across the hotel we were staying at.

We had a lot of food for dinner! We had Salad Piedmontaise which is a combination of potatoes, tomatoes, corn, pickles and roasted chicken meat. Mr. B. also bought a big slice of Terrine de Campagne and a big bag of seedless clementines for dessert. For breakfast the next morning, he bought Cherry Yogurt and Cocktail Fruits and Nuts for snack. Yummy!

After buying everything we need, I suddenly realized something.

"Mr. B., you don't have fork to eat your food with!" I told him.

It was great that Monoprix had a section selling plates and utensils so he spent another 5 Euro to buy a fork and a teaspoon.

We had a great, easy and happy eats!

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