08 December 2010

Two For The Road : My Dutch-Speaking Friends

Traveling to different parts of the world makes me realize how little I understand about the world of humans, especially when they speak in a different language. During my stay in Belgium, I met two non-human friends who spoke only Dutch. One is a white polar bear and the other a mocha colored one. Since I identify then by the color of their furs, I can only refer to them as "Witte" and "Mokka".

For 3 days, we tried to communicate with each other, played, watched a lot of television (which I don't understand). I tried explaining to them that I have a blog they can visit although they probably wouldn't understand it anyhow. But it was all fun. My visit coincided with their celebration of the day of Sinterklaas, or the day of Saint Nicholas who is the patron saint of the Dutch people, and eventually the basis of the mythical Christmas character we all called Santa Claus. We had lots of candies, cookies and chocolates (who names I can't recall) which are traditionally eaten during this season.

On the second evening, our hosts Auntie Em and Uncle Ef prepared a wonderful 4-course dinner. We had a great time and enjoyed the feast consisted of : Stoemp with Honey Mustard Sauce and Pan-fried Smoked Duck; Cream of Pumpkin Soup; Three-fish Gratin in a Bed of Leeks; Brownies in Advocaat Cream Sauce. (While I was writing this, Mr. B. said I should not name the dishes because Auntie Em may have other official names to them.)

Anyhow, it was a beautiful meal to say the least so who cares what they were called. I don't have to speak Dutch to be friends with Witte and Mokka or to enjoy Auntie Em's fine cooking.

Thank you Auntie Em and Uncle Ef for having me as your guest! Hello to Witte and Mokka too!


Anonymous said...

Becker, the food looked good! I bet they tasted good too. Mokka and Witte are so cute, you should take foreign language lessons to be able to communicate with human and non-humans.. keep posting your pictures and experiences.

Becker said...

dear anon: yes, the food was great! i love fish and the main course was 3 types of fish cooked together including salmon!

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