02 December 2010

Two For The Road : My First Taste Of Snow

I am not a polar bear. I don't live in North Pole. So I am not familiar with snow at all. Before this trip, Mr. B. warned me that we might encounter snowfall, which I thought was very exciting. I had a picture in my mind of children playing in the snow, making snow angels; people making snowmen with carrot noses; throwing snowballs at each other or sliding downhill on a cart; of fireplace and hot cocoa to keep you warm.

So it snowed for two days in a row. It wasn't what I had in mind at all. Mr. B. and I went for a city tour where we initially sat on an open top tourist bus. But it proved to be too cold so we moved inside where it was warmer. Mr. B. said I cannot be in the snow for too long because we will both get very wet and cold. I also didn't like the way snow hit my face with the strong wind. It hurt my nose. Mr. B. said it hurt his face too.

Walking in the streets was also a big challenge for humans. I am glad Mr. B. carried me all the way. I saw people walking in the street about 6 inches at a time because snow turned into ice on the pavement and ice can be very slippery and dangerous. Reminded me of the ancient Chinese women with bound feet who took very small steps.

Snow was fun. Everything because white. I am very happy to see my first snow.


Anonymous said...

I like all your pictures... I love the snow! Are you enjoying it too? Have you met any new furry "white" furry friends?

Becker said...

dear anonymous, yes i am enjoying myself. thank you. i will post photos of my new friends in a day or two. keep coming back!

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