10 December 2010

Two For The Road : Wish You Were Here

After a night of sleep interrupted by dreams (or nightmare) of his former boss in the funny farm, Mr. B. woke up at 4.30am to prepare for our trip to Paris. More than two hours later, the biting cold air of Paris, cloudy sky and the snow-covered streets greeted us. Because the hotel did not allow check-in before 2.00pm, Mr. B. and I took the Metro around the city for my first taste of Paris.

"Paris is not what I remembered it to be." Mr. B. proclaimed as we walked around Trocadero.

"How is it different now, Mr. B.?" I asked.

"It seems darker. I don't remember Tour Eiffel in that color too." he answered.

"Maybe it's the weather, Mr. B. It's winter. The first time you were here was more than 10 years ago and it was summer." I told him.

Mr. B. looked around for anything familiar that would remind him of his very first trip to the city. I guessed all the monuments and architecture should still be the same, only older by 10 or so years.

We ate lunch of croque monsieur (ham and cheese on toast and grilled with more cheese on top) and soda, we walked around the Trocadero now filled with shops of food and souvenirs, skating rink, carousel, Christmas things and other things that reminded one of the upcoming holidays.

By the time we returned to the hotel it was late afternoon. Mr. B. said he was exhausted and took a shower. We took a short nap and thought about D. Mr. B. and I both miss D. very much. It would be great if D. were here with us walking around the streets of Paris in this cold weather.

Perhaps it wasn't Paris that changed over the years but Mr. B. Perhaps his heart is left somewhere bright and sunny and no snow.


Anonymous said...

Miss Paris, but miss you more.
Wish I was there, just walk around there with you.
Take care by yourself!


Becker said...

dear d.: today we walk along champ-elysee and thought about you! i will post photos of me later in here or in my facebook fan page. miss you!!

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