31 December 2010

Two For The Road : The World On Sale

"I hate shopping!" Mr. B. declared today.

"Really?" I replied. "Then why do we have all these big shopping bags in our room?"

"Oh! But they're not for me!" he went on pointing at the chocolate and biscuits from Belgium for his sister, clothes for D., purse for his mom, mobile phone straps for his nieces, toiletries for colleagues, among other things.

"Did you buy anything for yourself?"

"No. I didn't even buy anything for you!" he replied.

"Maybe that is why it's no fun shopping." I told him. "You need to feel that you are spending money to pamper yourself. That would make you feel better and make shopping a more enjoyable experience."

Mr. B. thought about it for 5 second and nodded his head. "I completely agree with you. I will go shopping again tomorrow."


Jim said...

Happy New Year to you and Mr. B!

Becker said...

happy new year too, mr. jim!!

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