26 January 2011

Back Home

"Welcome Back, Sir!"
The burly building security guard said as he deposited our big luggages right by the doorstep of the apartment unit. Mr. B. didn't seem to know him. Perhaps he saw him last year but maybe he hardly made an impression.
"How can you not know him?" I told Mr. B. "He greeted us every morning we go out and we woke him up to open the gate when we came home very late at night."
"Is that so?" Mr. B. replied as he placed the luggages in the bedroom we are staying in.
There seem to be subtle changes in the apartment from what Mr. B. remembered. New throw covers, new holiday decorations and also a new hangings on the wall. Familiar yet strange.
"That was from the last holidays we had with your sister's family," Mr. B.'s dad said pointing at the new collage of photos on the bedroom wall. "It was in a remote but beautiful island in the south."
Mr. B. nodded but he was very tired not having much sleep in the last 2 nights.
"Freshen up now so we can have lunch!" Mr. B.'s mom called from the living room outside.
We are home.


Zookeeper said...

It is nice to be home, isn't it? Familiar, yet unfamiliar. Things change while you're away, you grow and find yourself somewhat estranged as you experience different things, sometimes it's almost like you're not as close to siblings or parents anymore as others are, simply because you've been "away" too long and have seen other things, YET... it's home nonetheless and it will always be.......

Becker said...

dear miss xookeeper, mr. b. said he felt that way too. in the last few days, he spent a lot of time just sleeping, playing video games, watching some tv and eating home cooked food.

Anonymous said...

Dear Becker,
Happy Chinese New Year!
will you celebrate in Manila as well?
by panda

Becker said...

hello panda! yes i am spending chinese new year here! how about you? do u have enough supply of bamboo from szechuan to eat over the holidays??

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