14 January 2011

Two For The Road : The Finale

I feel sad today. Mr. B. and I have officially completed our European trip and going back home tonight. After two and a half months of traveling, I must say that I'm a bit exhausted but definitely very happy! Mr. B. took me to see many interesting places, meet a lot of his equally interesting friends, ate a lot of uniquely delicious food, took lots of photos and posted them for family and friends to see.

More importantly, I am happy to know that Mr. B. was able to achieve some of the things he set out to do on this trip. He was able to receive his certificates in the best culinary school in Paris. He was able to meet friends he hasn't seen for many, many years. He was able to see some of the best musicals in West End.

In this very memorable day, Mr. B. and I prepared a special video album to remember the wonderful time we spent together, as well as time with our friends.

Special thank you's go -
To W. and D. for being generous hosts during our stay in London.
To Uncle F. and Auntie M. during our stay in the far away (but really nice) place called Oudenaarde.
To the Smith family all the way from Germany, for the wonderful dinner in one of Paris posh restaurants.
To Miss A. for sharing a nice evening of dinner and show.
To Mr. A. for his beautiful dumplings for New Year's Eve and the great Vietnamese lunch.
To Miss M. for the exotic gastronomic tour of Spanish tapas, Vietnamese pho and Malaysian laksa.

To all the other friends (and fans) whose names we do not know, thank you.

We shall always remember all of you with fondness.

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