16 February 2011

All He Ever Wanted

"When I have done all I ever wanted to do, what should I do next?"

That is the thought that has been running in Mr. B.'s mind in the past few days. In the midst of unpacking his 2 large luggage from our trips that lasted for many months, he can't help but think about it. What's next?

As a child, Mr. B. wanted to draw big buildings, so he completed his degree in architecture. He wanted to learn music, so he studied piano and classical guitar for a year. As he grew older, he aspired to write stories, so he studied screenwriting with the best in class screenwriter. Then he wanted to be a disc jockey, so later in life he was given the opportunity to play in a major club for 3 years. He wanted to see musicals, so he went to New York and London to watch some of the best shows in the world. Many times.He wanted to see the world, and his various jobs took him to far away places like Bogota, Colombia. He wanted to cook, so he enrolled himself in Le Cordon Bleu in Paris.

"So what do I do now, Becker?" he asked.

"Carry on dreaming," I answered him. "Isn't that what humans do?"

Indeed dreams motivate humans to pursue the things they want to achieve and find ways of reaching those goals. Once you achieve one, you move on to the next, until you fulfill every single dream you have in life. Some humans worked all their lives to achieve just one goal, others pursue many and achieve some, still others have the good fortune of doing every single thing they always wanted to do.

I reminded Mr. B. of the slogan we saw in many souvenir items while we were in London. It's says in big, bold white letters on a red background "Keep Calm and Carry On". I told him not to worry too much and that everything will be just fine, like what they always say in the movies even everyone knows that there is no hope at all.

But I do believe in Mr. B. I do believe that he will continue to formulate many more dreams and he will find ways to achieve them. And that I will be there to see them all come true.

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