15 February 2011

Cuts Like A Knife

Since we came back from our European tour, Mr. B. couldn't stop talking about wanting to invest in good set of knives for his tiny kitchen. Perhaps influenced by the professional kitchen when he attended classes in Le Cordon Bleu, he believed excellent knives would make perfect cuts and perfect cuts will make nice food placement on a plate.

On St. Valentine's Day, D. surprised him with a set of WMF Spitzenklasse cutlery including carving knife, paring knife, Chef's knife and others. Of course this made Mr. B. one very happy man. He promised not to let anyone besides himself touch the beautiful set, not even the cleaner. Now all he needs is an equally nice block and chopping board to go with this collection.

Hopefully, Mr. B. will demonstrate some of what he learned from Le Cordon Bleu and cook some nice meals for D. and me.


Anonymous said...

Happy valentine's day Becker! How 'bout you? What did you get for V day? <3

Becker said...

dear anon, i don't have a valentine's yet so i didn't receive any presents!

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