19 March 2011

Black Friday

The world witnessed two important events last Friday, 11 March 2011. First being the 9.0-magnitude earthquake that hit Japan triggering a series of other disasters - tsunami and nuclear accidents. The second being Rebecca Black's music video Friday uploaded on YouTube.

Over the weekend, Black's Friday became an viral sensation with nearly 20 million views in YouTube and managed to garner almost unanimous negative review. The auto-tuned voice of the 13-year-old wannabe singing an idiotic song with even idiotic lyrics had people from all over the world wondering if the music video was in fact just a big joke. It turned out it wasn't. The poor girl's mom paid US$2000 to Ark Music Factory, a company that writes, produces music and videos to ambitious little girls, for the song/video package.

In this age of technology, fame (or notoriety) is easy to achieve. One only has to be creative in the use of media available. In a matter of 7 days, Rebecca Black's life was turned upside down. That said, something good came out of something really bad. She said she wanted to donate part of her profit to the disaster victims in Japan. Many of whom I am sure were not able to have the opportunity to enjoy her music.

I asked Mr. B. if he can sponsor me to record and song and make a music video. He just turned and walked away from me.

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