29 March 2011

Hello And Goodbye

Last Sunday, Mr. B. travelled 138 km to meet 3 of his high school classmates who he hasn't seen for more than 30 years. It was a wonderful occasion where they shared interesting anecdotes of their adult lives, their careers, families and just about anything. They shared a wonderful meal together and took photos. When it was time to leave, they made promises to each other not to lose touch, to treasure what they have and continue living good lives.

The following day, Mr. B. received a sad news about a former colleague and friend whom he met last February after 25 years during our holidays in Manila. His friend suddenly collapse in public and died. Just that. He just passed away. No warning. No goodbyes.

I realize that life sometimes plays cruel tricks for humans. Without a warning, time flies turning innocent teens to bitter adults, taking away lives with no pre-announcements.

I hugged Mr. B. to console him but I know I can never understand his own fears - of time passing by, of doing nothing but aging, of how one can never know how it will all end.

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