22 March 2011

How Much Is Love?

All over the local news today is the wedding of local starlet Barbie Hsu to mainland Chinese businessman Wang Xiaofei. Their official press released announced that the wedding will be a very simple, modest and very private affair. So they decided to hold the ceremony and banquet in a small island off China and chartered planes to fly all the guests as well as their wedding crew to the destination. The entire affair was rumored to have cost almost US$1 million although the parents of the groom denied it. Hsu met Wang late last year and were engaged 20 days after that meeting with a civil ceremony held in Beijing, China last year.

I do not understand why some humans can be so insensitive and hold such lavish wedding in the midst of suffering of other humans in Japan as well as in Libya. Watching the news today, the story of the wedding stuck out as inappropriate, distasteful and almost immoral. I do not understand why humans can romanticize love so much when it almost always boils down to money, property, cars, etc. Just look at the many ugly divorces and you will understand what I mean.

But who am I to judge? Ms. Hsu did her part and donated US$20,000 to the Japanese disaster victims. If a lavish wedding makes them happy in the midst of crisis around the world, so be it. I'm just saying.


Anonymous said...

Becker!! I can't believe you call Barbie STARLET!!! Hahahaha! Yes, inappropriate, but all these was planned before the earthquake.... So what can they do? :( nevertheless.... All brides want a happy ending, so just give it to them... As the saying goes... "you'll only be a bride once", or is it still true?!

Becker said...

dear anonymous, i understand the human need for a mating ceremony that involves eating and getting drunk. but dear anonymous, barbie hsu IS a starlet and no one can argue on that.

Anonymous said...

dear Becker, seem that you spend lots of time watching TV, just like me. Ha ha~
by panda

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