17 March 2011

In God's Hand

First, a 9.0-magnitude quake that literally change the geophysics of the Earth. Then a 10-meter wall of water that destroyed everything on its path. Now, Japan is struggling to keep its nuclear crisis from becoming a major catastrophe. In the midst of these, millions of people suffering, physically and emotionally.

"Japan's nuclear crisis is now in the hands of God." a major politician said today.

"The Japanese have done everything humanly possible. Now it's time for God to intervene." according to a blogger.

Really? I thought. Why would God allow such a horrific event to happen in the first place? Why did He allow so many people to suffer? Is it to wait until the final moment and then demonstrate His omnipotence?

I searched "Why does God allow suffering?" on the Internet and a lot of things came up with most pointing out that God just "works in mysterious ways", that "something good always comes out of something terrible", which is like saying "don't ask, don't complain, just wait".

I wanted to ask Mr. B. about this but he refused to talk to me. He said it is all too depressing.

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