22 April 2011

What Do I Say?

Because this week is Lent, Mr. B. taught me the importance of prayer. He said I can talk to Jesus anytime I want, that I can do not at home because bears are not allowed in churches.

"What do I say to Jesus, Mr. B.?"

"Anything. You should thank Him for many blessings that we have in life, like the family and friends we have, the food we eat, the things we enjoy. You can also seek His help if you have any problems." he answered.

"But I don't have any problems."

"The you should pray for the other unfortunate people. Others who are suffering, that Jesus would help them recover from whatever they are suffering from."

"Then Jesus will help them?"

"Yes, Jesus will help them." Mr. B. replied.

"And if I don't pray, will Jesus not help them anymore?"

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