18 May 2011

If We Knew

In a short span of 2 months, 2 of Mr. B. friends passed away under unusual circumstances. It made him quite sad.

"If you knew long before these things happened, do you think you will tell your friends?" I asked him.

Mr. B. seemed to be puzzled by my question at first, but he understood what I meant. He thought about it a little and said, "Maybe they wouldn't believe me."

Life is strange. We, humans and non-humans alike, are brought to this Earth in pretty much the same way. Yet we leave at different times and in different ways - some in their sleep, others suffers for years, yet others in violent pain.

If we all knew when and how things would end for us, what difference would it make? Would be then become a better child to our parents, better parents to our children, a better brother or sister, a better friend? Or would everyone becomes selfish. To each his own, and try to live life to the fullest regardless of other people?

Mr. B. asked the same question to D. the other day. D. said it would have been a boring, colorless life if one knows how it would end. Perhaps he is right. If we knew, then everything we do now may not matter as much anymore. Perhaps not knowing gives each one of us hope as we wake up and face a new day every day.

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