22 June 2011


In the animal world, it is a common practice to forage for food until full and satiated, then spend the rest of the time lazing around doing nothing, well, unless one is an ant or a bee in which case, one would be an insect and not an animal. With humans, laziness is always frowned upon. It means one is in full capacity to do something, anything, but is not doing so.

But what really is laziness? Is it wrong to slow down amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life? Is it improper to just relax or take little naps when everyone else is running around like the aforementioned ants? Is laziness harmful at all? Why then do humans look at it in a condescending way?

The difference between animals and humans is that when animals are full, they stop looking for food and just lie around in the sun, while humans continue to look for food and store them for the future. I think this is unwise because one wouldn't know how much food to store in the first place. What if one dies tomorrow? To what end would all the hard work be for? Without enjoying the fruits of one's labor.

Perhaps humans should learn the art of lazing, or maybe just selective laziness, learn to relax, slow down and enjoy the little things in life they never noticed because they are too busy.

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