11 June 2011

What I Really Like

I was watching the movie Julie and Julia on HBO the other night and remembered a scene where Julia Child was discussing with her husband Paul about what to do in Paris. The husband asked her, "What is it that you really like to do?". Julia answered him, "Eat."

I understand that a lot of human go through life not knowing what they really like to do. Sometimes, they know what they like to do but what they like to do don't necessary make money for them to live by. So that is the dilemma. Because society expects that every human must do something "for a living", humans are sometimes forced to do something they don't really enjoy only because they make money out of them. Although I think that is sad, it is a fact of human life.

So Julia Child liked to eat and was able to make something great out of it. I hope one day, I too will find something I really enjoy doing, do it really well, and perhaps make money at the same time. I am sure Mr. B. will be very proud of me then.

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Will said...

I imagine that Mr. B may be very proud of you just as you are.

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